A Wing and a Prayer

This phrase came to us from World War II. A damaged bomber plane heading back to Britain had sustained damage and was limping in on one engine. The pilot requested his crew to pray. The newspaper story resulting from this incident gave us the phrase Coming in on a wing and a prayer.

I got up this morning with the song Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer playing in my head. It’s such a beautiful song but an even more beautiful meaning. It instills courage in me at a time my hopes and dreams are faltering. 2014 is maybe the most important year of my life.

I’ve spent the majority of my adult life preparing to make a dream come true. When I first started writing, I did it as pure escapism. There aren’t enough words to describe my life at that time except to say I was exhausted, overworked, and feeling helpless. I needed an outlet. Something I could do to keep me grounded enough to function.

I chose to write. I filled notebooks with story ideas, characters, plots. The words were disorganized and rough but they served a purpose. I learned to use my imagination. But dreams do not become real without work and focus.

I began to take classes on writing and on creativity. I took every class our local Jr. College offered. I bought books on writing. As my skills grew, I began to reach out and take workshops and attend conferences.

Then a wonderful thing happened. The world opened up to me and I began to get a glimmer of what could be. The power doesn’t lie with somebody else. It lies within myself. COSMIC SHIFT and BONE WEARY became a reality. Two books published.

Two books are not enough. To fulfill my business plan I need 4 more books out during 2014. That’s a lot of work. A lot of planning and a budget that exceeds my resources. I entered 2014 feeling very hopeless. And hopeless doesn’t get the job done.

So this morning, I wake up at 5AM to the chorus of COMING IN ON A WING AND A PRAYER. Such a glorious song. A powerful message. I don’t have to be heading for my goal with a perfectly tuned and maintained engine. I just have to reach my goal.

2014 is spread out before me. I have a long runway. All I need to do is keep my eye on the goal and coast on in.

COSMIC SHIFT  Bo Tanner and Mark Cooper anticipate a summer of fun but a strange rip in the sky spews dimensional renegades and pursuing hunters into Earth’s atmosphere setting off a chain reaction that will change their lives. Available at Amazon and Createspace.

BONE WEARY  Settling in among her family, Charly Edgewood feels like she’s home again. But her brother is being stalked, she finds herself in the middle of a town-wide feud, and somebody vandalized the local cemetery. When bones from the cemetery end up in her fruit cellar can Charly figure out who stole the bones?  Available at Amazon and Createspace.

About C. L. Roth

C. L. Roth was born and raised in Kansas. She has a deep love for the prairie state, the Flint Hills in particular. She is married, has two sons, four grandchildren, is an artist, writer and full-time caregiver. Life experience has taught her that normal doesn't exist, it's the journey that matters, and the best way to succeed is simply: Never Give Up.
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