Photos I want to share

My thanks to Rebecca Rowe, owner of Red Jasper Artistry, for her patience in taking professional photos of me. I’m not the easiest subject to work with but I had a good time working with Becki. I’m sharing some of her work with you.

Photo #1
This is the photo I used for Cosmic Shift, Book One of the Cosmic Chronicles.

I chose to use this image for the Middle Grade readers because I thought they would relate to the archery theme. Hunger Games was a huge hit this year. I am a big fan of archery. It is one of my chosen hobbies and, when time permits, I practice daily. This last summer, due to the high heat, wasn’t kind to my sensibilities so I didn’t get out like I prefer. I have been known to set up a target in the basement and shoot during the winter months. I love using a recurve bow. There is something so satisfying about pulling back and letting the arrow fly. I’m always happy when it hits the target and I’ve been known to do a crazy happy dance if I strike the bulls-eye.

Photo #2

This is the photo I chose for most of my publicity posts. I am never happy with my own image but I think this one is pretty nice. It’s also the image that I will use on Bone Weary when the book comes out after the first of the year.

Photo #3

I had to include a photo of the dogs. They weren’t sure who Becki was or why she was pointing the camera at me. The Boston Terrier is Macy and the Llasa Apso is Chloe. You can see that Chloe isn’t real sure if she should be nice or not and she’s between me and the evil camera. She is happiest when she has a job. She was guarding me in the photo.

More photos will be added as they come. I love sharing this adventure with you. So much of my life has been given to others. Writing is the first time I’ve gotten to do something that is just for me. I’m having so much fun.

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