I do believe that I have entered a stage of rebellion. I’m not sure because I’ve never actually rebelled before. Although, now that I think about it, I’ve pretty much marched to my own drum since the fourth grade when my best friend moved away. I didn’t have a back-up plan for friendless, so I improvised.

I submerged myself in other worlds. I walked in other people’s shoes and went on grand explorations. Yes, you guessed it. I became a bookworm. I devoured books the way other people pop candy. I stood in line twice when they handed out imaginations so diving into stories created wonderful, feel-good adventures.

My mundane life handed me a different set of challenges. Not as wonderful but holding their own share of miracles and blessings. It’s the hardships in life that creates the most lasting life-lessons.

I was so busy taking care of the mundane challenges in my life that I completely bypassed the rebellion stage. But here it is. Full-out, kick-over-the-traces rebelling. I’ve decided that I’m not going to play by the rules. I’m building my own playground and putting into it the items I want to play with.

I’ve made the leap to Patreon.  I’m gathering around me people who like my stories, and my artwork, and my journey. I’m no longer standing around holding my hand out like David Copperfield did when he asked for, ‘more’.

I’m shooting my internal critic, disposing of the evil perfectionist that resides in my mind. I’m turning loose the stories I feel compelled to write and releasing them loose on the world.

On Patreon I’m asking for donations to help me on my journey. For $3 I give you the ongoing beginnings of Luciana (aka Lucky) Donovan. Her novels, contemporary mysteries, will start showing up in 2019. Her origins are not contemporary mystery so I’m introducing her by putting her Journals on Patreon.

Also for the $3 tier, you receive a free coloring page of original artwork, a download of original artwork, changed monthly, and a Q&A for Luciana that discusses how I work, how she came into existence, and various aspects of her developing stories.

For the $5 tier, you receive everything in the $3 tiers plus Joshua’s Journey. We’ve long planned to share his story in a coffee-table art book. I’m using the Patreon site to compile and figure out what information should go into the book and his artwork, plus, comments from Joshua as he becomes verbal using eye-gaze technology.

Also, for the $5 tier, you get to share in the development of a new comic strip. How the idea came to me, and all the new skills I learn as I write the strip and create the artwork.

Where does the rebellion come in? I’m forgetting all the rules. I’m done playing the publishing game. I’m going to write what I feel compelled to write, how I need it to be, and I’m going to let the words fall where they will. My playground, my rules, my work, my art. I feel a fire raging inside me and it burns hotter and fiercer than anything I’ve ever known. I need to let it free and hope you will join me as we dance like no one is watching.


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