Ghost in the Shadows

Ghost in the Shadows

I reach for the telephone and pull my hand away.

 The answering machine message has long been erased.

I search the night sky for a glimpse of your essence.

I examine each cloud as it moves across space.

I hear your voice echo in the memories of time

and mourn inside; I can’t see your face.

I search, long and often.

You’re hiding in shadows.


How easy it would be to dial a number.

Or see your face in the sky or the clouds.

But the soul is elusive; invisible to see

Only memories remain.

A pale light in the darkess.

8 Responses to Ghost in the Shadows

  1. Penny says:

    Thank you for this…

  2. Jody Young says:


    • C. L. Roth says:

      I’m so glad you commented. I realized that a lot of my comments were spam so I uploaded Akismet to catch the spam and figured I’d get no more comments. So I’m glad you spoke up.

  3. Shirley Guldenschuh says:

    This captures beautifully the inexpressible longing for someone we’ve lost. Well done.

  4. Marti says:

    I just read Ghost in the Shadows. Again. Haunting, aching, tearful need.

    Beautifully written.

    • C. L. Roth says:

      thank you. I sometimes forget to go back and re-read my poetry. The poetry is pure emotion and most of them were written at times when I was buried under pain. The poetry was my attempt to find the light again.

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