Update on Cosmos

Obviously, you’ve figured out that my plans didn’t…pan out. My January goal is long past. But I have good news. Exciting news. God knows best.

I went through agonies of spirit beating myself up about the missed self-imposed deadlines but I found out that God’s time, as always, is better than my own. I had to wait because something wonderful happened. Something I never dreamed could happen. I found an editor.

For several years, I’ve been building a network. To do that I joined organizations and websites. I stepped into the sphere of other writers. One of those groups is MMA or better known as Murder Must Advertise. Now, being a member means I see a lot of emails. And I read a lot of topics. One voice stood out for me.

Echelon Press, better known as Karen Syed. I was impressed with her voice. She gave sound advice and opinions. I found myself in agreement with her on most topics. And I continued to watch and read her posts. I became friends with her on facebook. I grew to trust her judgement.

Back to my missed deadline. Cosmos didn’t make it to publication in January. My schedule went up in flames. I got depressed, discouraged, and lost confidence in my ability to become the writer I dreamed of being.

I read one of Karen’s blogs. I liked it so well I signed up so I wouldn’t miss any of them. And one day a blog came to my email address with the news that Karen was starting a new forum. Marketing Masters. So I scampered over there. I might have been first in line, I’m not sure, but I didn’t let any grass grow signing on.

Her forum has the potential to be so helpful to the independent author. Back to my report. She posted about a new service she started. Sassy Gal Productions. And there it was. The support system I needed and had been searching for.

Sassy Gal Productions offered a full service for the author who wants to write the best book they can write. I jumped on this wagon. I’m no fool.

I’m still heading toward publication but this time I feel like I’m doing it right. My book will be edited, and revised, and edited again until its absolutely the best product I can create. I will be posting regular updates on this website.

Check back often to read about my journey. Look for publication updates. And find out where the books can be purchased. My journey, now that I’m on the right path, looks to be a fun one.

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