Enter Cosmos

Cosmos, now renamed Enter Cosmos, has left the creating stage and entered the completion room.

My baby is now toddling on its way to becoming a real book. I’m finding out that I really enjoy the process. I didn’t think I would.

I always thought I gave more power to the right side of my brain; the flighty, whimsical, creative side that flitted, and sampled, and dabbled through life. It could accomplish wonderful things but it lacked staying power.

Then I took a wonderful course, Holly Lisle’s How to Think Sideways. While working my way through her classes (and believe me, they outdo anything I’ve ever gotten, from any source, including college) I somehow figured out how to integrate the left and right sides.

Suddenly, my logical, analytical brain was playing nice with the flighty, whimsical, creative brain. They were getting along. And better yet, they were cooperating with each other. The surge in my energy level astounded me. I wasn’t just getting things done but they were getting done right, in a logical manner, and propelling me closer to my goals.

At times, the inner me stands aside, and just watches that busy little left brain work. At other times, I feel like I’ve been invaded by a stranger from somewhere else. I don’t recognize the super-organized dynamo that is whirling inside my head. But I love the results.

What I like best about the phase of publishing that I’ve now entered is: everything I learn is new. For some people, new is a scary, dark place but for me, it feeds my need to learn. I’m like a kid turned loose in a candy store. I want to see, and touch, and experience everything.

I don’t believe this stage of publishing can be truly learned without actually going through it. I can read all the words I can on the subject but it doesn’t register inside me the way it does when I actually do it. The reality is so much greater than the dream.

I already know I started backwards with this book. I skipped a bunch of steps that I have to backtrack and do. Right now, I’m going through a final revision before sending it to the content editor.

I need to hand it out to my friends at the book club that are willing to read a middle grade fantasy novel. When I get their feedback and that of the editor, then it will be reworked again.

I’ll keep you in the loop on my learning experience with this book. It’s an adventure and way more fun than anything I’ve experienced in a long time.

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