Wine update

It’s been awhile since I posted a wine update. Something new has been added. Crab apple wine. I now know why crab apples are named the way they are. My husband started in processing the crab apples at 6am and didn’t finish until 7pm. What a work intensive labor.

So now, I have 4 carboys sitting in my kitchen. (all of them with labels telling my husband what date they need worked next) And I find out that his statement ‘they won’t be in your way very long’ means they won’t be there for years. Merely months.

But I managed to get them situated where I have most of my counter back. and I’ll be seriously inconvenienced through most of Autumn. I have now placed the idea of a second kitchen in the #2 slot right behind Josh’s need for an art studio which is currently in the #1 slot.

So, I’m sharing the wine today.

Crab Apple Wine

tomato wine

Peach Wine

Blueberry wine

in front left: tomato wine, behind the tomato wine is the peach wine, then the blueberry wine and on the right is the crab apple wine. I’ve got most of the counter back. Of the wines I think my favorite is going to be the blueberry. It’s such a gorgeous color and it tastes like summer.

It amazes me that I, who am a total non-drinker should find this process so fascinating.

I told my husband yesterday that I was interested in apple cider and cider vinegar. Those are processes that I would also like to see done. A curious mind does find ways to entertain itself.

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