Independent author plays by new rules

In my writing journey I spent a lot of time learning how to play by the same rules a traditional author would use. I wanted my product to stand up with NYT best sellers and be competitive in looks and content. What I learned is, I cannot compete. The gap between traditional publishing and independent publishing is too great.

I will never win using their rules. My solution? I need to start playing by my rules. I’m done competing and I’m going off-road. My journey is my choice. I’m an independent author because I want total control of my product. If I can’t win by playing their game then its time to play my own game.

I embraced marketing and promoting to the extent that I forgot the most important element. Joy. I like writing. It’s a soul-deep satisfying activity and fighting to get seen, struggling to get my product purchased, sucked the energy right out of me. I want to enjoy writing. I want to sink into the words and travel someplace else. I want the real world to fade away and give me peace, and joy, and excitement. I can get all of that back if I turn away from trying to compete in the traditional publishing world.

I’ve learned how to create a book. I know how to get it published. My knowledge and confidence has grown to the point where I don’t feel any fear walking a solitary path. I don’t have to compete with anybody.

I know that I produce a high-quality product. I am at the beginning of my journey. I still have mountains to climb, rivers to cross, and deserts to get through. I have characters tumbling about in my head demanding I let them out.

If I play by their rules; I will fail. By creating my own path there will be no failure. Only adventure. It’s a new day, one that I control. From the first word, to the final product, the choices are mine. I cannot fail if I play by my rules.


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