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C. L. Roth grew up in Lyons, Kansas. Even though she grew up in central Kansas her heart lies in the Flint Hills of Eastern Kansas. The beauty of the hill country never leaves her.

She is a wife, mother, grandmother, full-time caregiver, artist, and writer. She has a deep love of nature with a particular love for dogs and horses. Her website is: www.clroth.com where she posts articles, updates, and artwork. She updates her website often to keep her readers informed and updated on her projects.

She keeps busy writing stories and helping her youngest son achieve his goals. Joshua Englehaupt is disabled with cerebral palsy but a talented artist in his own right. His artwork and bio can be seen at: ourhomestudio.com


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  1. Ken Temple says:

    Hi Carol,
    We are in the process of discussing a publication born of the 238 community. The idea is to collaborate on production of a periodical that would showcase and promote all the participants, benefiting the entire 238 group. All responsibilities would be carried out pro bono by the participants and all costs (printing & promotional mailing) would be shared evenly by the participants. It would be great if you added your thoughts to the discussion so that in March, when all the pros and cons/fears have been tallied, we can get to the practical side of things. Many of us were delighted to be part of the H&V article last spring. The idea proposed is, potentially, hundreds of times more rewarding: http://www.facebook.com/groups/214635415310230/. You are also welcome to email me with any questions about this endeavour.
    With best wishes,

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