Cosmic Shift

Cosmic Shift has finally gotten to the publication stage. I succeeded in getting it uploaded to Smashwords, Kindle, and Nook.

The ISBN# for the print version is: 978-0-9846619-0-9
the ISBN# for the e-pub version is: 978-0-9846619-1-6

I’ll add to the information as it comes available. Purchase information and website addresses will follow shortly.

Cosmic Shift came about during a conversation with my nephew, Jacob. At that time he was in the 8th grade and going through Harry Potter withdrawal. He had certain per-requisites that he required in a good book.

He wanted one of the ‘good guys’ to be seriously scary. I provided that in the form of the character, Cos.
He wanted puzzles within the book. I did that by using 2 anagrams inside the book. I won’t reveal them yet. I want the children who read the story to wonder and look.

I do want to let readers know that Dragen is pronounced: Dray-gun
Dohre is pronounced: Dough-ree

I will continue to reveal tidbits and hints over the next few months as Cosmic Shift is discovered and read. I had great fun planning out this book and writing it. I hope readers will have as much fun exploring it.

Cosmic Chaos is being written now and is aimed at a May release. Cosmic Chaos is book #2 in the Cosmic Chronicles.

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C. L. Roth was born and raised in Kansas. She has a deep love for the prairie state, the Flint Hills in particular. She is married, has two sons, four grandchildren, is an artist, writer and full-time caregiver. Life experience has taught her that normal doesn't exist, it's the journey that matters, and the best way to succeed is simply: Never Give Up.
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