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My new book, BONE WEARY, is well and truly launched. I had so much fun in Kansas this month. I started in Lyons, KS, the town I grew up in. Becky Mcbeth, the librarian at the Lyons Public Library graciously allowed fellow author, Martha Gilstrap, (also grew up in Lyons and my best friend since Jr. High) and myself to hold a book signing at the library.

The library is housed in a building that in my memories was City Hall. We held winter symphonies in that building and I graduated high school with the graduation ceremony where the library now stands. I enjoyed standing there and feeling the overlay of history, and memories, wrapped up with the new experience of launching a Kansas mystery in the town I grew up in.

Driving into town the day of the signing Martha and I were met by a big flashing sign in front of the Celebrations Building. Authors signing, C.L. Roth and Martha Gilstrap. We had to pull over and take pictures. Maybe not a big thing but certainly a thrill for us at the beginning of our writing careers.

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting at the library. I’ve discovered that I like to talk. And I really enjoy talking about writing. I don’t get back to my home town often but I had a wonderful time. They did me proud.

We received a phone call asking us if we would talk to the people at Noble Place, an assisted living complex near the Lyons Hospital. Like I said, I enjoy talking so being asked to do more of it was an opportunity I didn’t turn down.

Martha Gilstrap went with me and I took my son, Joshua Englehaupt ( Josh had a few pieces of artwork with him and we shared that with the people at Noble Place. They enjoyed meeting him and we all had a wonderful time.

From Lyons I went to Emporia, KS. My next book signing was in Gridley, Kansas on June 15th. I was eager to share BONE WEARY with Gridley because, in my head and heart, Weary, KS is my fictional interpretation of my very real love for the town of Gridley. It made perfect sense for me to launch a Kansas Mystery series in the town the book is based on.

My parents grew up in Gridley. I had aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents who left an imprint all over the town and the county. I never actually got to live in Gridley, but I spent many hours, days, and even weeks of my life there. Going to Gridley always feels like going home. It holds a deep and abiding place in my heart.

The library had a room set up for me and the chairs were filled. The majority of people sitting there were family but also many friends. I had an awesome experience. My cousin, Charlene, provided treats for the people and she has my heartfelt thank you. The table was lovely, the feedback and conversation lively, and I had a wonderful time.

BONE WEARY is book one in the Weary KS mystery series. There are three books planned out but it is potentially open ended. If you like humor, family dynamics, lighthearted mysteries, a glimpse into the life of a disabled child and his caregiver, and small town politics, you will enjoy reading BONE WEARY.

I feel like I’ve taken a few more steps toward my goal. I now have 2 books in print. COSMIC SHIFT, a middle grade fantasy story, and BONE WEARY, an adult cozy mystery.

I also have The Beginning, a serial offering on Wattpad, the Beginning is a revision, and restructuring, of the first story I ever completed. I am sharing the process of tearing it apart and putting it back together on Wattpad. Beginning is a Young Adult Paranormal. Feel free to stop over and comment or vote. I would appreciate feedback on the story, and the process. It will help me grow as a writer.

I need reviews on my books. I need buzz for them. If you’ve read them and liked them please talk about them. Visibility as an author, and my book titles, is the biggest hurdle I have to overcome. I can’t quite figure out the getting seen part of writing. Your help in becoming seen would be much appreciated.

I have more books coming. COSMIC CHAOS is the next book out. It is being planned for a fall release. Book #2 in the Weary series will come late in 2014. In between COSMIC CHAOS and A WEARY CHRISTMAS I have two options.

A pushy character, name LUCIANA DONOVAN, (better known as Lucky Donovan) is driving me crazy. She wants her story told and she’s not bashful about it. She pops in my head at strange times. Feeds me part of her story. She interrupts my train of thought. I need to write her story and get her calmed down. So her story might slide in between COSMIC CHAOS and a WEARY CHRISTMAS.

Another project that I want to pull together is taking the WALK WITH ME blog on Josh’s website and combine it into one file, add appropriate photos and artwork and offer it as a free download. Walk With Me is a documentation of his life from birth-to artist. And I strongly feel that it needs to be free to everybody. The blog can be read in chapters at

I believe in gut feelings, and I keep getting nudges to make his story easily available. He has an amazing life. He’s an amazing young man. I would love to see others inspired and motivated by his story. We both believe that there should be no limitations on dreams. Whatever the heart, and mind desire, can be attained if the person learns to think outside the box.

So far, this year has been a good year. When I get discouraged that I’m not where I want to be; I turn around and look at where I was. Then I grin, my heart sings, and I turn around and take the next step. Life is an awesome adventure.

About C. L. Roth

C. L. Roth was born and raised in Kansas. She has a deep love for the prairie state, the Flint Hills in particular. She is married, has two sons, four grandchildren, is an artist, writer and full-time caregiver. Life experience has taught her that normal doesn't exist, it's the journey that matters, and the best way to succeed is simply: Never Give Up.
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