Update on Cosmos

It’s time to start talking about this book again. For a long time it was shelved while I tried to figure out a plan of action.

I did rename it Enter Cosmos but I think that’s going to morph again. I’m considering calling it Focus. That works on so many different levels. On the world the renegades flee from their magic is often gathered and contained in an object called a ‘focus’.

They don’t need a focus to use magic but it allows them to do bigger feats of magic and expend less energy. When the renegades flee from the hunters and break into Earth’s atmosphere, a portion of their world’s atmosphere spills over. This contaminates Earth and will eventually lead to Earth leaving the mechanized realms and being reclassified as one of the magical realms.

But that is in the future. For my book, it’s where it starts. And the small amount of magic that enters with the renegades is being pulled to a central location That location turns out to be a little girl named Eden.

To use magic the person wielding it has to absolutely believe that what they imagine is real. It takes a good deal of ‘focus’. So there we have three different uses of the word ‘focus’

Magic can be stored in a focus. It’s takes focus to use magic. And the little girl becomes a focus which also makes her the target for the renegades and the hunters.

For right now, I’ll continue to call the book Cosmos. I had a streak of luck with this book. Through a series of events, I found myself in contact with a person that I have seen on the boards for years. She is a woman who’s words I’ve read, and agreed with. I considered her the voice of reason in the midst of every discussion I’ve followed.

I had no idea two years ago when I started to notice her posts that she would be the person who would help me take this book to the next level.

Karen Syed started up a new service called Sassy Gal Productions. It is a company geared toward helping the independent author create the best book they can. Since her goal is my goal, it seemed like we’d be a good fit.

She gave me a two chapter sample of her editing work and I learned more in two chapters than I have in two years. I’m ready for this next step.

I have contracted with Karen to do a full edit of Cosmos. When she finishes with the edit, I will see where I’m at and how much work it will take to bring Cosmos to a state of readiness. I’m pushing forward on this book. I want it published and available by the end of August. We’ll see if I can accomplish that goal.

So Cosmos is on track. It’s being edited right now. I’ll post again when I get it back and find out how much work is left to do on it. I’m starting to get excited.

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