Reading from Cosmic Shift

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Bone Weary
Bone Weary

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Cosmic Shift
Cosmic Shift

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reviews: 1ratings: 1 (avg rating 4.00)



Reading from Cosmic Shift.

Reading Dec. 4th 2012

Reading Dec. 6th 2012

Chapter 2 Introduction to the renegades

Reading Dec. 12, 2012 Dragen begins to talk to his followers in an effort to escape the arrival of the Hunters

Reading Dec. 14th 2012 Dragen talks to his followers.

Dragen continues to persuade the other renegades to escape with him before the Hunters return.

Dragen wins his argument. The Hag, Hemlock, agrees to combine her magic with his into a single focus.

Dragen opens the portal. the renegades make their break for freedom

The renegades escape into a brand new world

Chapter 3 Introduction to the Hunters

Chapter 3 Flicker sees Cos, the executioner for the first time.

Flicker meets Cos

Flicker isn’t ready to trust Cos, the Executioner, just yet

Flicker discovers there is something very strange about Cos

Conclusion of Chapter 3

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